Maryse and Tim Pebworth– 1st home in Sunnyvale, move up 2x in Santa Clara. San Francisco and San Jose Investment properties.

“We met Geoffrey and Lisa Gault 20 years ago, when we were moving into the Bay Area, with a 3 week old baby. At the time, they helped us get into our very first home, and they truly seemed to get what we needed and could afford. They helped us get into a “first home buyer program”, which we know nothing about at the time-- And made it possible for us to enter the high price real estate market of Silicon Valley. Since then, they have helped us purchase and sell our next 2 homes, as well as purchase 3 rental properties, and sell one. Over the years, they also have helped with several refinancing, at a time, a few years back, when many were getting involved in very risky loan practices. They also manage our rental properties, and we have had no issues or complaints from our renters. So we have plenty of experience working with both Geoff and Lisa. In one instance we saw on a website a property that matched all that we were looking for in a small condo in San Francisco—that we never thought we would find in our price range. We called up Geoff and Lisa and within a few hours, they dropped everything they were doing to try to make this happen for our family –as time was of the essence, in this crazy market we’re in. They know the Valley like the back of their hands. I have recommended them to practically all my friends who were considering a home purchase. They are pleasant to work with, responsive, have a keen instinct for unethical practices they might encounter from others. But I guess in the end, what really stands out for us about Geoff and Lisa is that over the last 20 years, we have come to trust them, not just as our realtors, but as people with integrity, who genuinely cares for the people they represent.”

Donald Daley—Sale in Sunnyvale and purchase in The Villages Golf and Country Club

“Lisa is a real professional. She listened carefully to what I needed and focused on the task., bringing me what I was looking for. The process was quicker than I anticipated and a posititve experience all around. She also helped me get a reverse mortgage which her brother called “the best deal in town”. I love my new place in the Villages. It is close to church and the restaurant. She lined up everything for me, including a golf cart. I could not have done this move without her.”

Ira and Gloria Finkelstein- Sale in North San Jose and Purchase in the Villages

“We decided to move from our home of 28 years. Lisa helped us stage our already beautiful home to make it perfect. WE sold our home for 30K more than the typical market for our house. She negotiated a great deal and helped the agent on the other end as well. The home she found us was a fantastic deal. Lisa is a great negotiator and excellent communicator. We recommend her to all of our friends and family.”

Thu Dang - North San Jose

“Lisa Gault was my agent. She was magnificent. She was very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions, and was very responsive. I am very happy with her services and plan to hire her again in the future!”


Marie Guenat - Rose Garden San Jose

“Lisa was the realtor for our new home. She is wonderful to work with-She is very knowledgeable with years of experience in the Bay Area. She is a great professional and got us a wonderful home that we love! Thanks Lisa!”

Trish Bass and Mark Verble—70’s. Move Trish into her famil home and them after family was gone, sold her home and moved to the Villages Golf and Country home.

“I purchased my home in South San Jose through Lisa many years ago. Because of her knowledge of lending and her friendly attitude with the listing agent, we beat out the other offer and paid less than what the other buyer was offering. I raised my family in that home and decided to retire. I called Lisa to sell my home. With her amazing contractors, she helped me update my home, staging beautifully and we received multiple offers to the dismay of my son. He thought it would go for 100k Less than it did. Lisa is AMAZING. She kept everyone calm and smoothed over any bumps that came up. I most definitely recommend her to everyone.”

Jerry and Penny Racheff—70’s Moved from Family home to forever home

“Geoffrey and Lisa Gault were wonderful to work with. The entire process from start to finish was fantastic. They are very knowledgeable, have a great work ethic and go beyond to give you great service. I highly recommend them”.

Bob and Rhonda Evans 70’s Moved from family home to a new home 

“Working with Lisa was such a pleasure!  She always had the answers to our questions.   We especially appreciated Lisa’s directness and honesty.   We highly recommend Lisa and her support team who made our transaction all so easy and painless!“